Consistent Convex Quality Ideal for Pharmaceutical Packaging

9 February 2024 -Convex’s commitment to delivering consistent quality has earned them one of the highest supplier audit scores from DEC Pharmaceutical Ltd.

DEC Pharmaceutical has used Convex packaging since 2007 to pack products they manufacture for a US-based multi-national animal health company with stringent quality standards. The products are exported to over 50 countries.

DEC Pharmaceutical QA Manager, Jenny La Roche says, “Over the past 12 months our audits have shown continuous quality improvements at Convex. We audit all our suppliers against ISO9001 and Convex’s current overall score is one of the highest of all our suppliers.”

convex production audit

Because they are a pharmaceutical company, everything DEC makes has to be registered in every individual international market their products are sold to. The registration includes the exact packaging film structure specifications, which have to be precisely met each time, with no deviations. Even the artwork for each market has to be precise.

DEC carries out a comprehensive on-site audit at Convex each year as part of their ongoing quality assurance for each of their suppliers. They also audit every production and print run with the help of the Convex laboratory team.

Jenny says, “Even though the standard we need to meet is very, very high, we’ve never had to reject anything from Convex. Convex always demonstrates a high level of care and is very reliable and responsive. They are a great supplier.”

To ensure they consistently meet DEC’s exacting quality standards, Convex has assigned a dedicated team of highly trained staff members to carefully manage each step of their packaging production and printing. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is provided for every delivery that leaves the factory and the Convex team works closely with the DEC team to make sure they have what they need. 

Convex Managing Director Owen Embling says, “Working with DEC has helped spearhead a whole new level of quality at Convex, which we can now offer to other customers. What DEC and the pharmaceutical industry would consider a defect would be almost undetectable to most customers, so we’ve had to really lift our game.”