Convex Recycled Film used by saveBOARD

1 December 2022 – Convex recycled film is helping saveBOARD turn discarded plastic packaging into eco-friendly building materials in New Zealand and Australia.

Made from 80% recycled material, the Convex film is providing the vital outer covering for the low carbon construction boards made by saveBOARD from recycled beverage cartons and other packaging waste.

saveBOARD construction boards provide an environmentally sustainable alternative to plywood, particle board and plaster board and are industry-certified for interior and exterior applications in homes and commercial buildings.

Eco-friendly saveBOARD interior walls.

With saveBOARD aiming to make its building materials as recyclable as possible, Convex endeavoured to include as much recycled content as possible in its covering film while ensuring a consistent bonding to the board material.

Convex Managing Director, Owen Embling says, “Our film holds the core of the board to the facing materials, so it’s important that it provides good adhesion. The recycled content of the film we supply saveBOARD is made from plastic waste created in our Hamilton plant, so we are very pleased to see it being upcycled into a product that adds value to the building sector and helps to reduce significant landfill waste. It’s very exciting being part of such an innovative closed loop recycling initiative, which is well-aligned with our company ethic to be able to reuse, recycle or compost all the packaging we make.”

saveBOARD’S Hamilton factory started producing saleable product in November 2021 and now diverts up to 4,000 tonnes of waste from landfill annually. Each construction board made by saveBOARD diverts 500 used beverage cartons from landfill and provides up to a 90% reduction in carbon emissions compared with other construction boards.

In September 2021, saveBOARD received a AUD$1.74 million grant from the Australian and New South Wales Governments towards setting up a AUD$5 million facility in New South Wales. In October 2022 the Victoria State Government made a grant of AUD$1 million towards the cost of opening a saveBOARD facility in Victoria in 2024. The Queensland State Government is also supporting the development of a saveBOARD facility in Queensland.

saveBOARD co-founder and Chief Executive, Paul Charteris says, “Convex worked with us to develop a primary film for our product that complements our company commitment to recycling. As we have gone into Australia it’s been great to know that Convex is set up there and can assist us in that market as well. It’s been an easy transition to use Convex as our key supplier in Australia.”

“Our New South Wales plant received its first delivery of Convex film in mid-November and will be fully operational by Christmas.”

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