Eco-Friendly Packaging 

Our commitment to sustainable packaging was recognised with an Environmental Packaging award from the Packaging Council of New Zealand (Inc) in 2011.

High Performance Sustainable Packaging

Our strong focus on innovation and environmentally-responsible packaging has resulted in the development of several high performance sustainable films. We understand that to be commercially viable, packaging has to offer good barrier and sealing properties, and needs to be robust enough to withstand production processes and distribution chains with minimal modifications.

Our technical team will help you trial sustainable packaging from initial packing and sealing to the end of your supply chain to make sure it delivers the performance you need.

Econic® – High Barrier Compostable Packaging

Econic compostable packaging has been purpose-designed by Convex to allow eco-conscious companies reduce their impact on the environment while still retaining the same level of functionality and food safety provided by traditional plastic films.

The majority of every Econic bag or wrapper is made from a combination of compostable films derived from sustainably-managed renewable resources. Find out more about Econic.

If you would like to find out how we can partner with you to make your packaging more sustainable, please contact us now.

Compostable Greensack™ Bags and Bin Liners

GreenSack transparent

Made from cornstarch produced from GM-free sustainably-managed corn plantations, Greensack™ film is compostable when disposed of in a composting environment containing heat, water, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms. It is certified to meet the Australian Bioplastics Association AS4736 `Seedling Logo’ Compostable Bioplastics Standard and the European Compostable Standard EN13432

Greensack™ has similar strength qualities to Polyethylene. It is available as retail carry bags, singlet bags, indoor bin liners, and wheelie bin liners for food and organic waste collection.

Convex are able to bring a lot of options to the table when it comes to developing new packaging. They are definitely leaders in fresh cut packaging and working with them is helping us bring new innovations to our industry.

Fresh Connection, Auckland, New Zealand, CEO Stephen Dench -

Convex created a professional and polished pack for our Formthotics orthotics by understanding our needs and delivering upon those requirements. We have received extremely good feedback from medical practitioners around the world and we are very happy with their product.

Foot Science International, Christchurch, New Zealand, Marketing Manager Nicolette Le Cren -

The packaging film was the most technical thing to get right and Convex did a sensational job in turning that around…The entire service we got from Convex was above and beyond… Their service has been exceptional.

Cookie Time Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand, General Manager Lincoln Booth -