Greensack™ Certified Worm-Friendly Compostable

19 May 2016

Convex compostable Greensack™ film has been officially recognised by the Australian Bioplastics Association (ABA) as a worm-friendly compostable film.

Greensack Seedling logoThe ABA issued Convex a certificate of conformance to the AS4736 `Seedling Logo’ Compostable Bioplastics Standard in January. Along with verifying that Greensack™ will break down in a composting environment containing heat, water, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms – the new ABA certification also confirms that Greensack™ is safe for worms.

Convex Technical Manager, Andrew Sheerin says, “The ABA certification is a milestone recognition for Convex. While the raw materials we use to make Greensack™ are all approved to European compostable standard EN13432, the ABA certification takes our goal to be environmentally responsible to the next level by ensuring our finished film is not toxic to worms.”

Made from cornstarch produced from GM-free sustainably-managed corn plantations, Greensack™ is available as retail carry bags, singlet bags, indoor bin liners, and wheelie bin liners for food and organic waste collection.

In 2011, Convex won the New Zealand Packaging Council’s Environmental Packaging award for the key role Greensack™ bin liners play in turning food waste into commercial compost.

The new ABA certification allows Greensack™ customers to put the ABA Seedling logo on their packaging to help highlight the film’s compostability.