Box Pouches Brilliant for Biofert Organic Fertiliser

7 June 2019 – Convex box pouches have boosted the shelf presentation of Biofert organic fertiliser, and made it easier to store and use.

Biofert’s new 5kg box pouches were launched online and through selected garden centres in April, and will be rolled out New Zealand-wide through The Warehouse in late August.

Previously packed in reusable buckets, Pacific Biofert decided to switch to Convex box pouches to increase their product’s visual appeal and make it more cost effective to deliver to consumers. The zip closure also ensured the product was convenient for consumers, who typically only use a handful of product at a time and want to be able to easily close the pack until the next time they need it.

Pacific Biofert Account Manager Donna Byrne says, “The box pouch looks amazing. I’m blown away by the print quality and how good it looks. It looks great at retail and is easy to fill and ship. The box pouch barriers also contain the odour of the fertiliser really well.”

Biofert is a 100% organic fish-based product, which has been BioGro certified since 1987. It has been designed to build healthy soil that supports the growth of fruit and vegetables that are naturally resistant to insects and fungi attacks.

Based south of Auckland in Pokeno, Pacific Biofert is a family-owned business, established over 30 years ago by the late Clive Sinclair. In June 2018 the company won the Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) Pacific Business Award in recognition of the technology and manufacturing processes developed by Clive and his son Bill who is now the company’s Managing Director.

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