Box-Pouches Now Available at Convex

23 November 2015

The purchase of two new machines has made Convex one of the first manufacturers of box- pouches in Australasia and tripled the company’s pouch making capacity.

Box-PouchedConvex can now provide a comprehensive range of pouches – including customised shapes – in both standard and compostable films.

The two new machines, one dedicated to making ‘cardboard-box replacement’ pouches and the other to making stand-up pouches, have been up and running since October.

Convex Managing Director, Owen Embling says, “The purchase of the box-pouch machine was totally driven by our customers. There is a lot of interest in cardboard-box replacement pouches and we are excited at the possibilities.”

Along with helping to minimise waste, box-pouches significantly improve the retail shelf presence of small packs, by ensuring they stay standing up.

Owen says, “Traditional small coffee pouches, of 300g or less, have such a small footprint on the ground that it doesn’t take much for them to fall over, so their retail presence can be compromised. This won’t happen with our new box-pouches. They have a stable flat bottom, and are ideal for packing and presenting light goods.”

Convex already has several orders for box-pouches, with the first expected to be out in the market-place in early 2016.