Eye-Catching Pouches Rebrand Sun Valley Foods

24 October 2013

A new range of eye-catching stand-up pouches has revolutionised the shelf visibility of an iconic Kiwi home baking and cooking brand and made it easier for consumers to identify quality locally produced ingredients.

Convex Account Manager Jeremy Dimes and Sun Valley Foods General Manager Nicki Keen with four of the `new look' packs.

Convex Account Manager Jeremy Dimes and Sun Valley Foods General Manager Nicki Keen with four of the `new look’ packs.

Auckland-based Sun Valley Foods commissioned Convex to custom-manufacture a distinctive line of pouches for their first major rebrand in over 20 years. The pouches feature bottom gussets to maximise shelf appeal and convenient zip-lock closures.

Sun Valley Foods sales and marketing manager, David Frost, says the pouches provide the high level of shelf visibility and functionality they wanted, at their required price point.

David says, “The new pouches certainly stand out well on shelf. Initial indications suggest they have been extremely well received by both the trade and end consumers. The premium-looking pouches have given us a distinctive brand across our whole range and strengthened our presence in-store.”

Sun Valley Foods supplies a range of home cooking ingredients to supermarkets across New Zealand – from dry soup mixes, semolina and lentils through to dried fruit, flour and breadcrumbs. The rebrand involves a total of 62 stock-keeping units (SKU) of both ready-made bags and rewind film, including 11 new varieties of cooking chocolate.

David says, “There’s was a lot of input from Convex in getting this to work for us. They are good people to do business with. Jeremy Dimes led the whole thing and his tight project management of the prepress process was one of the key drivers as to why it worked so well and was so cost effective.”

Convex account manager Jeremy Dimes worked closely with Sun Valley Foods general manager Nicki Keen to select artwork that would deliver the strong visuals needed to distinctively position their brand within budget.

Nicki says, “Jeremy made it easy. He worked with the Convex prepress team to determine the most cost effective designs.”

A viable artwork solution was achieved by using the same visuals for multiple products, which minimised the number of plates needed.

Jeremy says, “We got involved early and advised Sun Valley how to get a good branding result while keeping their costs down. Being able to do all the prepress in-house allowed us to trim costs even further and negotiate good plate prices.”

Prior to their rebrand, Sun Valley Foods used resealable imported pouches.

David Frost says the decision to switch to a local supplier was an easy one.

He says, “Wherever possible our aim is to use or produce New Zealand made products – and that includes the packaging. So finding a local supplier that was prepared to custom design the packs we wanted and work with us to make it happen was a definite plus.”

“The flexibility of a New Zealand manufactured supply line is so much better than going for what on the surface might look like a cheaper option. We’ve all had horror stories with imported products. With Convex I know exactly what the packs will look like before I get them and I have 100% confidence that the quality will be good. It’s an easy working relationship and if I have any problems I know Jeremy will make it a priority to help me.”

The new Sun Valley Foods pouches have been progressively rolling out into New Zealand supermarkets since October. The full range will be on shelf by April 2014.